Summer Rains


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Baby I wonder where you are
somewhere out there in someone's car driving away,
don't know why you don't stay
Guess you don't stand by girls like me
ones who don't come with guarantees on what they'll say,
or rules that they'll obey

Baby just think of what we had
didn't make you cry or make you mad in any way
on any single day
Why have you gone and broke the spell?
we were getting along so very well, it was ok
why'd you throw it all away?

If you come back to me I promise you I'll make you see
that you don't need another girl that you and I were meant to be

Summer rains on winter gardens
bringing life to hearts that hardened
many years ago before the storm
you and I should not have parted
just before the rains had started
leaving me alone and so forlorn

Come on and give me one more chance
let us complete this sacred dance that we began
before away you ran
Boy it's ok that you're afraid
of this connection that we made, I understand,
I'll take you by the hand

Together we can face whatever's in our way
I'll give you everything I have if you just stay


There's nothing you and I can't do if our hearts carry on,
I know we'll make it through this if we just stay strong,
I know you're scared but boy we're in this thing together,
we've got to be prepared to face the toughest weather



released January 10, 2011
Jake - music/lyrics
Rachael - vocals/lyrics



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THEME PARKS Honolulu, Hawaii

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